supermarket shelf manufacturer


Our trading company: SUZHOU HESHIDUN INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO.,LTD is specially used for importing and exporting business.
Our factory: JIANGSU BENGU METAL CO.,LTD  is a large private commercial equipment manufacturer, mainly producing supermarket shelves, warehouse racks and other customized metal display shelves.
We are the leading supermarket shelf manufacturer in the industry. Till now, our company has already had 17 years of sales and production history.
Our factory area is more than 13,000 square meters and the employees are more than 80. Our products are widely used in supermarkets, shops, warehouse, logistics and other industries. Our company provides with qualified services from the most basic shelf selection and allocation, warehouse planning, transportation and storage equipment allocation to storage material management.Our aim is to make the best quality products and best service for every customer.

Supermarket shelf manufacturer
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17 +

Years Of Experience

13000 +

Company Area

80 +



Certifed Factory


Abundant Technical Force

We have an excellent 8 persons technical team

Advanced Production Equipment

A large number of automated production equipment provide efficient and high-quality products

Product Development Capabilities 

Supply OEM, ODM service

Mature Processing Technology

We have 17+ years of manufacturing experience and have 80 skilled employees

Perfect Quality Assurance System

ISO9001, CE, SGS Certificates

One-stop Service

Use CAD, 3D MAX software to provide overall design solutions for superstores and warehouses



development history

Incorporation changshu bohui shelf factory
Annual outpot vlaue reached 20million
Annual outpot vlaue reached 30million
Established international trade department to expand oversea market and annual output value reached 50 millionthis year
Incorporated a new company(wuxi heshidun metal products the factory area was expanded to 15,000 square meters
Annual outpot vlaue reached 80million
Annual outpot vlauereached 100 million, and incorporated a new company (suzhouheshidun internationaltrading co.,Itd)
We moved our factory to Suqian city and change to JIANGSU BENGU METAL CO.,LTD
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