Supermarket Shelf

Supermarket shelves for snacks

Date: September.2022
Country: Panama

Gondola shelf unit for condiment

Date: December.2012
Country: Argentina

Heavy duty display shelf for drinks

Date: July.2014
Country: United Arab Emirates

Wall shelf for wine with lights

Date: September.2018
Country: Saudi Arabia

Storage Rack

Middle duty rack

Date: March.2020
Country: Thailand

Mezzanine racking for flexible use of space

Date: August.2021
Country: Canada

Pallet racks

Date: December.2021
Country: Indonesia

Overall installation of storage system

Date: June.2017
Country: Spanish

Tool display stand

Display stand with magnetic stickers

Date: August.2022
Country: Switzerland

Custom color display stand

Date: October.2018
Country: Malaysia

Heavy duty square hole tool stand

Date: December.2021
Country: Venezuela

Shopping trolley & shopping basket

European shopping trolley

Date: December.2022
Country: Iceland

American shopping trolley

Date: February.2020
Country: Dominican Republic

All-plastic shopping trolley

Date: January.2019
Country: American

Shopping basket

Date: September.2018
Country: Mauritius


Supermarket cashier system

Date: July.2020
Country: Brazil

Wood grain cashier conuter

Date: September.2016
Country: Australia

Fruit and vegetable rack

Date: March.2015
Country: Colombia

Air curtain cabinet freezer

Date: October.2022
Country: Malaysia

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